Sunday, January 3, 2010

Babysitting - Papa Bear Style

We all know that Papa Bear doesn't always keep to Mama Bear approved activities when watching the boys. (Remember this post?) But since it isn't often that I get out on my own, when I do get out - I try not to complain too loudly at the Papa Bear Babysitting techniques. Or at least, I try not to ask too detailed of questions about what occurred while I was gone. You know, I cover the basics, did they eat, did they sleep, do they still have all of their teeth and appendages? If all of those questions are answered to my satisfaction, I just leave the rest alone. BUT it seems that Papa Bear likes to record his techniques with the camera so when I download the pictures for the day (yes, we do take enough pictures that I download daily) I find the incriminating evidence. This time I thought his techniques, while unorthodox and not the Mama Bear way, they should be shared. So for all other Papa Bears out there in the world who are babysitting the young while the Mama Bears are out of the house trying to find their sanity in retail therapy - if the kids get out of hand and you want to make it easier to keep your eye on them - just put them in a box. A large box that they can't get out of and make sure to take a video of it for evidence or posterity :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!

    How do you take that little face looking at you all day long--TOO ADORABLE!!!

  2. He totally has me wrapped around his little finger. One smile from him and he just gets whatever he wants!!