Friday, May 1, 2009

When Mama Bear's Away.....

Papa Bear and Little Man will play!  Papa Bear is not known for his Mama Bear approved games.  He and Little Man have created games called Rocket Ball and Blast Off.  It does not go unnoticed that both times Little Man has chipped his teeth, Papa Bear was in charge (although I am over the trauma of it, well mostly over it).  

Tonight I was doing a friend a favor and babysitting for her kids so she could go on a date with her husband.  So after dinner, Peanut and I packed it up and headed out leaving Papa Bear and Little Man the run of the house for a few hours.  They had a blast together as always, but I did find this video when I returned that proves that Papa Bear and Little Man were not operating under Mama Bear Rules.  The rules that have been broken are as follows:

1.  No wagon rides down steps
2.  Helmet on when riding dangerous rides
3.  If you have to say the words "Hold On Tight" then stop whatever it is you are doing and ask yourself "Would Mama Bear say this was a good choice?" 

Ok so I made that last one up just now, but watch the video and you will understand why that has become a new official Mama Bear Rule!


  1. that video is adorable!!!

    They look like they have so much fun together;-)

  2. Yes, my favorite part is when he says "Hold on Tight" and Little Man braces himself showing that this was not the first time they had done this particular feat.

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  4. Papa rock! I'll have to show you how Little Man and I rode his tricycle down the big playground hill. Sorry Mama time we'll wear the helmet!

  5. Looks like hours of fun was had by little man and papa bear! My question is, why videotape the event for Mama Bear to find? :)