Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uncle Mark, Get Set, GO

In attempting to distract Little Man while nursing Peanut, I asked Little Man if he wanted to race around the house.  He, of course with much enthusiasm said yes.  So I said, “On your mark, Get set, GO”.  And off he ran around and around.  Then when he stopped he said “more mama, more.” So I again said “On your mark, Get set, GO”.  And again, around and around he went.  Then he stopped and said “Uncle Mark, Get set, GO!”  And there we have it, that is how he starts his running streaks.  Uncle Mark, Get set, GO!


  1. Does Mark know about this?

    How funny and adorable!!! Aren't you glad you are recording all of these funny and sweet stories? ;-)

  2. I called Mark yesterday and told him. He will be back in the states in about 2 months and is really looking forward to seeing his nephews.

    I am so so glad I am recording these stories. Thank you so much for encouraging me to blog. I had no idea how fun and rewarding it would be and now I have all of these stories for my boys as they grow up.