Wednesday, May 27, 2009

C is for Cookie

I have been working on pronunciation with Little Man whenever possible.  I know that he is only 2 but I know that he can say the sounds and just is lazy when it comes to pronouncing his words.  For example, he has the hard C sound but when he says Cookie he calls it Dokie or Cup is called a Dup.  So I say to him C C C Cookie and then I ask him to repeat it.  He does so easily and then when I ask him to say Cookie he immediately reverts back to Dokie.  I am not deterred because I have seen progress in a lot of words.  Elmo used to be Melmo and is now properly called Elmo.  Although, I do have to admit that I miss some of the cutness in how he used to say things I love to watch and see/hear the progression in his learning.  A few days ago, we were driving home from somewhere and I was working on his hard C again.  I said C C C (hear the hard C sound when you read this) Cookie, C C C Cup and he said C C C Mama, C C C Papa.  Ok so either he doesn’t get it or he is a smarty pants.  Probably a little bit of both.


By the way, as I type this post Little Man and I are having a battle of wills.  He took his blocks out, played with them, tossed them liberally around the living room and is refusing to clean them up. So instead of timeout because I don’t believe not cleaning up is necessarily a time out behavior I have refused to play any new games or take out any new toys until he cleans up his blocks.  He has now tried quite a few ploys to make me go back on this.  He has gotten “stuck” and then asked for help and then tried to make a game out of getting stuck.  He started to clean up his blocks by putting them in his tunnel to try to get me to play tunnel with him.  Any suggestions on how to get my 2 year old to clean up his toys without this fight?  And yes, I have tried singing, I have tried making  a game out of it, I have tried time out, I have tried taking the toys away.  The battle of wills continue, but I will prevail.  My will is stronger than his or at least has more experience than his does.


  1. Have you tried "i dare you" or "i bet you can't" yet? I know its not a preferred method, but doesn't it usually work with Papa Bear? Said with love, of course :)

  2. It sounds like you have a very very smart boy on your hands...But I guess you already know that!

    Wish I could give you some more suggestions, but all I can say is I bet you will figure it out since you are such a fantastic mom;-)