Monday, May 4, 2009

The Peanut Scare (Part II)

When I was pregnant with Little Man I did all of the research for the top of the line safety equipment (I stopped just short of a diaper helmet to protect his head).  The most important to me was the monitor.  I had heard that a video monitor was too much (didn’t give you a great picture and you just ended up staring at a dark screen stressed out) and that a sound monitor was too little (you ended up checked every 5 minutes to see if the baby was breathing).  Ok, maybe you wouldn’t, but I would have.  So I found my monitor, it was a sound and movement detector.  If the baby stopped moving for more than 20 seconds an alarm would sound signaling that the baby had stopped breathing.  Perfect!  It fit all of my criteria without being way too over the top.  (Some of you might disagree with this, but whatever my kids, my neuroses, my decision.)  Well I can’t tell you if it really worked for me with Little Man because he might have slept in his crib all of 3 weeks his whole life.  We ended up co-sleeping (stop judging people) until he was 9 months old and then he moved right onto a mattress.  But Peanut loves his crib.  He prefers it to his swing and to his bassinet.  Ok, enough chatter, on to the scare.  So last night, or really really early this morning the ALARM SOUNDED.  That is right, Peanut’s monitor alarm sounded and I jumped straight out of bed yelling for Papa Bear and rushing down the hall.  It was the longest 10 steps of my life.  And what did I find.  Peanut had scootched himself up to the very top of the crib and was laying horizontal across the top instead of vertical (as I had laid him in earlier) so he was no longer registering on the alarm pad.  I rotated him and pulled him back into place earning myself a “Mwaaa” screech from the Peanut himself.  This one is on the move and already sending me into panics.  Let’s just say I didn’t sleep much the rest of the night and eventually just put him back in the bassinet next to my bed where I could keep an eye on him.  Yes, Mama Bear is overprotective and maybe a little over the top but it is my right and well, the facts are that I am just that kind of Mama.


  1. What a cool monitor--I didn't even know they made those! And it must have been a huge relief to find out that he was fine after the alarm went off!!

    Was that the first time the alarm went off before?

  2. There was one time that the alarm went off with Little Man which was just as scary and then there are ton of times that the alarm goes off because we take Peanut out of his crib and forget to turn the monitor off. It is a brilliant monitor and worth the money that (someone else) paid for it. (it was a gift, thanks Pam and John for knowing how neurotic I am!)