Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleep Glorious Sleep

Peanut slept 8 hours last night without a feeding.  He went to bed at 8:30 and woke at 4:30 for his next feeding.  I did not sleep because I was halfway between way too excited that he was sleeping and totally overprotective and checking on him every hour because I am not used to a child that sleeps.  I am so so proud of him (and me).  And then he slept until about 7:30 this morning.  When I went in to get him he gave me a great big smile when I picked him up and then he gave Papa Bear and Little Man smiles too.  It was a great night and a wonderful way to start the morning.  My peanut is sleeping through the night at exactly 8 weeks!!!


  1. that is amazing, Jamie--I wish you many many more sleep-filled nights!

  2. Thanks Jess! A mama who gets to sleep is a happy mama and as everyone knows, no one is happy if Mama ain't happy!