Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For those of you who are just joining us, microstories are moments or memories that don't warrent a full blog post, but that I still want to capture and share.

Week of May 17th

Two days ago Little Man walked up to me and bit me on the arm.  This is so out of character that I was speechless.  I just looked down at him and he bit me again.  Now the bite didn’t hurt and was not hard, but I felt teeth and I didn’t like where this was going.  So I said to him, “Why did you do that?” and he looked up at me and said “I’m going to eat Mama up, love you this much” and he held out his arms.  Well how could I reprimand him after that?  First, he is just repeating what I say to him all the time and second, how cute is that.  So I told him that he needed to just pretend to eat Mama up.  So he picked up my arm, pretended to take a bite and said “Mama happy now?”  I said that I was very happy and he said, “Up moon, back again” – which interpreted means Mama loves me up to the moon and back again.  Once again, how cute is that!!

Peanut makes us work for smiles.  To date, I have received 5, Papa Bear has gotten 1, Little Man got 1 and our friend Christina even coaxed one out of him.  But it is tough.  He is a tough audience.  So today I was having some face to face time and realized that what I need to be shooting for is a “not a frown face”.  He always looks so grumpy that when I get a pleasant face, even if it isn’t a smile – I should note the not a frown and be happy with that until he can give us more smiles.  So of course, I said this out loud to Little Man.  Well he smiled and ran off.  What did I expect, a reply?  A few minutes later he runs back into the room and says “Watch Mama, a crayon face” and he puts a crayon near Peanuts head and then says “Not a crayon face” and takes it away.

Peanut is trying his best to suck his thumb instead of taking the pacifier while I try my best to block his thumb sucking efforts and force the pacifier.  Today I put him down for a nap in his crib and popped the binky in.  He started sucking and then he dropped propelled it out of his mouth with such force that it went through the bars and out of the crib and he brought his hand up and tried to find his thumb.  His only downfall is that he hasn’t figured out how to untuck his thumb from his fist so he misses his thumb.  I popped the binky back in and told him that I will win this battle so stop trying.  He promptly closed his eyes and went to sleep. 

Tonight at dinner Little Man was procrastinating eating (as usual).  Papa Bear and I didn't want to wait for dessert (dessert is a special treat as I usually don't make one).  We thought that we would get the dessert out and eat it ourselves as an enticement for Little Man to hurry up and eat his dinner so that he could have some. (Plus, we really really wanted to eat it and waiting was annoying)  He had peas and corn and beans all over his tray to his booster.  I should also note that he didn't have a shirt on because he was "helping" me wash dishes and had drenched himself before dinner.  In desperation (since he was refusing to eat any dinner) he lunged for a piece of my double chocolate pudding pie.  He missed due to my ninja like reflexes but when he leaned back I noticed that he had gotten a pea stuck into his belly button.  It was there for the rest of dinner and continued to make us laugh.

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