Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zoo, Living Room Safari and Growing Up

I haven’t posted in a few days so here are some of the moments and memories that I wanted to capture.

Little Man and I went on a safari today.  As we crept through the jungle we pretended that we were the animals.  Now I am not sure about this jungle because I don’t know many jungles that have goats and dogs, but the jungle in our living room sure did.  But here is the thing, I always had to be the goat or dog and Little Man always got to be the monkey, elephant, giraffe, cheetah.  When I asked him if I could be the monkey he simply said, “No, mama is a goat, JaJa (he can say Jackson but still calls himself JaJa) is the monkey”.  Well there you have it folks, I am the goat and he is the monkey. 

So I have already talked about how big Peanut is getting, but tonight it hit home (again).  I must have left a 0-3 month sleeper in his drawer because after he spit up on the one he wore to bed I grabbed a sleeper in the dark to put on him.  I couldn’t button it.  He is currently in his bed with a sleeper unbuttoned from ankle to crotch with his diaper hanging out.  It is quite comical, but not worth waking a sleeping baby over!

 This weekend as part of Mother’s Day, we took the boys to the zoo.  It wasn’t the National Zoo – it was the Reston Zoo.  They don’t have a lot of big animals, but the animals get right close and personal.  Little Man had a blast and Peanut, well Peanut slept through it just like everything else.  Little Man wasn’t 100% sure about these animals that kept coming up to him.  When we went on the wagon ride, it was just me and Little Man.  Papa Bear was kind enough to watch Peanut (sleep) so that I could get some good one on one time with Little Man.  Since the introduction of Peanut, that has been hard to get.  It was awesome, I have missed my time with him.  At one point an ostrich appeared out of nowhere right next to us.  Little Man very quickly yelled “Bye Bye Ostrich, go to your home” which got a chuckle out of the adults on the wagon ride. The rest of the wagon ride he would direct the animals.  "Zebra stay stay stay" (he liked them because they didn’t get too close) and my favorite direction of them all “Camel no eat me please” as the camel took a nip of his hair.  We had the best time and he is still talking about it.  

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