Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tripping to Delaware

This weekend we took Peanut on his first out of town trip.  It was only a day trip, but it was an important trip.  He went to meet his Great Grandmother and his Great Aunt.  There are a lot of different parts to this story, to this trip so settle in for a long post.

 We packed up the car the night before and as soon as Little Man poked his head up in the morning we put both boys in the car and headed out. Peanut, yes you guessed it, slept the entire time (imagine that).  Little Man was so excited to see “MeeMom (grandma), Mommom (great grandma), Dumba (simba, the dog) and Aunt Cereal (Great Aunt Suzi).  He practically bounced in his seat for the 2 hour drive.  We packed a ton of snack distraction food and looked for trucks, cranes, diggers and bulldozers on the highway.  The highlight of the trip was the Big Tunnel.  Little Man has been through the tunnel a ton of times on his way to DE, but this was the first time that he registered what it was.  As we went through the tunnel he was mesmerized and excited.  As we left the tunnel he started making this noise of NNNNNN NNNNN NNNN.  I asked him what he was doing and he said “Big Tunnel, NNNN  NNN.”  That was the sound that he heard as we drove through the tunnel. It is amazing to me what we, as adults, don’t notice or take for granted.  Then the sound got annoying and we sang a song to try and distract him again.

 A quick note at this point in the story is that just as we got on the highway we hear Little Man in the back say “shoes off, shoes off”.  Well he didn’t have any shoes on, so I turned around to tell him that he didn’t have any shoes on and that is when Papa Bear and I (despite our careful late planning) we hadn’t remembered to bring him shoes.  We didn’t pack any thinking he would wear them up and we didn’t put him in any because we figured he would just take them off.  We did a quick u-turn, got shoes and thanked Little Man for helping us remember his shoes.

 Peanut was a darling.  He slept in his pack n play, a feat that Little Man never even attempted.  And he was so well behaved to meet his Great Grandma and Great Aunt.  It was so special to me that my mommom and my aunt who have played such an important role in my life got to spend quality, loving time with my youngest son.  Aunt Suzi held him and held him and kissed him and talked to him and kissed him again.  Mommom looked on while she fed the rest of us, played with Little Man and kissed on Peanut whenever Aunt Suzi let someone else near!  It was wonderful and despite the late night packing and early morning start, it was worth it. 

 Then we had the 2nd worst drive home from DE ever!  The first is a Little Man story from a while back.  Anyway, I know this will shock all of you, but Little Man slept the entire way and Peanut screamed off and on for 2 hours.  And I am not talking about his cute goat like mewing cries, I mean turning purple and vibrating with rage cries.  It was awful and I spent 2 hours wrenched in half trying to hold a binky in and stay in a seat belt at the same time.  I will let you guess which one of those became more important to me.  Papa Bear was a champ as he navigated through traffic in the rain with a screaming infant and a stressed out Mama Bear.  But we made it him and all of us crashed in our respective beds until Little Man decided that he wanted to get up and see Mommom at 4 am. 

So that was our first (and probably our last for a while) out of town day trip.  If you have stopped reading this very long post, I don’t blame you.  But then you will miss this lead into the next post.  Baxter the Mouse (II) was captured in a no kill trap this morning.  And Little Man and Papa Bear are on a quest to take the pizza eating mouse back to his family in the woods.  Stayed tuned for more details about this adventure!!! 


  1. way to go with your trip to DE!!! How sweet you got to be with your family--and so sorry about the rough (to say the least) ride home;-)

  2. What an adventure! Glad you made it home safe and sound - and that peanut got to visit your family!!