Thursday, May 7, 2009

Micro Stories

There are things that happen throughout the week or day that aren’t quite worthy of a full blog, but are worth mentioning or I want to note for the future so I am going to call those postings Microstories and try to capture them each week or so…


Every day when Papa Bear comes home from work he takes Little Man outside for some running around before dinner.  Typically, they will ride one of Little Man’s bikes/trikes/big wheel type contraption of which he has many (more than he needs).  Earlier this week as Papa Bear popped Little Man up onto the curb he told him he was going to “pop-a-wheely”.  Little Man immediately returned that he wanted to “mama-wheely” instead.  Oh how cute he is.  Now when they ride bikes he goes through it all, Mama-Wheely, BabyLG-Wheely and Papa-Wheely. 


Last night at dinner, which was remarkably laid back and easy because Little Man was getting his favorite dinner and did not have to be cajoled into each, Peanut gave us his first smile of recognition.  He was sitting in his blue chair next to the dinner table and I looked down and said hi and he looked up at me and smiled (through his binky) right at me.  It made my entire day and I have since been caught trying to sneak up on him, appear out of nowhere to see if I can get another one!


Little Man received Elmo socks from his Aunt Carol and Uncle Lee in the mail yesterday.  They have since not come off of his feet.  When I asked what made him sleep so well last night, we agreed that it was the magic Elmo socks.  His feet just might turn red before he lets me remove them!  And yes, I am that mom that will let him wear them for 3 days straight because some battles are worth fighting and some are just Elmo socks.


I love Little Man’s resilience.  This morning we were playing with his blocks and we were building bird houses and very very high towers.  His tower had gotten decently high when it came tumbling down.  I waited for his dismay and all he said was “Almost, now try again”.  I was so proud of him and said that’s right we can always make it again.  He looked up at me with his wise 2 year old eyes and said “Mama make it this time”.  So I did because how could I refuse his cuteness.


The other day there was a sad event of a snail.  Papa Bear and Little Man were outside playing and came across a snail.  For what seemed like 20 minutes they watched and played with this snail.  All of a sudden Little Man stood up and promptly stepped on the snail.  He didn’t do it maliciously as he proved by his next sentence.  He looked up and said “Papa, snail no move?”  Papa Bear did a great distraction technique to avoid having to explain death and dying of a snail to a 2 year old.  But sometimes when we play in the yard, Little Man returns to the scene of the crime and says “Bye Bye snail, no move”.  So I guess he gets is afterall.


  1. Little Man can pedal forwards quite will now. On slight inclines, he will say, "Papa help", so he can get up the 'hill'.
    Also, we did find more snails recently (because it won't stop raining) and he was good not to squish them.

  2. I love this idea of microstories, Jamie! (but apparently spellcheck doesn't...) and the mama-wheely is too cute!