Monday, May 18, 2009

Baxter the Mouse Returns

Before we left for our trip to DE, Papa Bear and I saw a mouse running through our living room.  After screaming like a little girl (me, not Papa Bear – although he did do a fancy dance when it ran right at him) Papa Bear set out the no kill trap baited with peanut butter.

I would like to note at this point that I am all for the kill trap because I think it is the same mouse coming back over and over again.  But Papa Bear is in charge or removing live animals from the house so although I have voiced my opinion, I am overruled.

The next morning a mouse was in the trap. Little Man was more than excited that Baxter, his mouse friend had returned.  But he was concerned that the mouse missed his mama and papa and wanted to make sure that he got home.  I was equally concerned that the mouse be returned to his home.  So he and Papa Bear went off to take Baxter, the pizza eating mouse friend, back to his home in the woods near the frog pond.  They walked all the way there and let Baxter(II) go (again).  After saying bye to his friend, Little Man discovered that the frogs were croaking in the pond.  He and Papa Bear “poked the frogs with sticks and made them CROAKY CROAKY” according to Little Man’s recap of the trip.  I had to discuss the pros and cons of letting Little Man poke a frog with a stick, but since I am not the player with of live animals as that is Papa Bear’s role, again I was overruled.

Fun was had, the mouse is gone in his home (for now) and no actual frogs were hurt in the poking during this story.


  1. Jon says that the next mouse that we trap he is going to paint his tail so that we know if he comes back. Is that animal cruelty? Glad you liked the story Jess!