Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting Mrs. H

Today we had a classroom visit with Little Man’s teacher for next school year.  I told him that he was going to school again and he was so excited he literally started running around in circles.  Before we left he needed a diaper change, which is something that he usually runs from.  I told him that before we could go to school he needed his shoes on and his diaper changed.  When I next looked down he was laying on the floor with his diaper in this hand trying to tug on his shoes.  I knew then that he was over the top excited.  I put him in the car and he immediately looked next to him and said “Where is Baby LJ?”  I explained that this was a special Mama/Little Man time.  I thought that he would be as excited about that as I was but instead he told me that he missed Baby LJ and wanted him to come to school too.  I thought it was so sweet that he wanted “baby brother” to come too even when he was going to get some alone time. 

We worked on his teachers name all the way to school and by the time we got there he was totally ready to say hi to Mrs. H.  We jumped out of the car and as we walked into school he said “Mrs. H. hug me”.  I knew he was going to have a good time.  As he entered the classroom he said “Hi Mrs. Teacher H.”  Well close enough, right?  For 20 minutes he got to explore the classroom, interact with some of his classmates, feed the goldfish (this was the highlight), play at the water table and talk to his teacher.  He had such a good time it was tough to drag him out of there.  I love his teacher.  Mrs. H was so good with the kids and he immediately was comfortable interacting with her and even showing off his knowledge of sea creatures.   He impressed her with his correct identification of sea horses, seals and whales.  I found out that he will get to do things like hatch chicks, grow a garden, paint with fish (I think dead fish) and other cool stuff.  Papa Bear and I feel that we made a great decision enrolling him for this next school year!

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