Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Tale of A Million Cell Phones

Little Man has a penchant for destroying cells phones, which doesn't track with his personality.  He is a sensitive boy who gets upset when I cry, is the first to run to Peanut with a binky if he is fussy, likes to make people happy and typically announces their happiness is because of him, chases butterflies and gives hugs to just about everyone (sorry, I know everyone likes to think they get special hugs from him but the truth is that he hugged a random child at the mall last week).  So back to his penchant for destroying cell phones.  First, let's catalog them....

1.  He threw his babysitter's phone in the toilet
2.  He threw Papa Bear's phone in the toilet ( I know you think that he has a penchant for throwing things in the toilet, not cell phones but keep reading.)
3.  He poured ginger ale on my cell phone (this might have been a case of unlucky placement of the phone accidentally under the drink he was dumping out)
4.  He threw/dropped my replacement phone down in the kitchen and broke the speakers
5.  He dropped the next replacement phone in my cup of coffee

Count them people, we are at 5 very expensive cell phones destroyed by Little Man. We have tried everything.  He has his own (fake) cell phone he can play with.  We have a no touching Mama's cell phone rule.  We installed toilet locks (this did cut down significantly on the items lost to the porcelain god).  But his ninja like reflexes have proven too much for the cell phones in our house.  We are not giving up.  More rules will be made, timeout will be sat in for breaking the rules, insurance for cell phones will be purchased...but we will prevail.


  1. Things thrown into the toilet is a whole other topic. He's thrown objects from 6 feet away with perfect follow through. Where's a pro scout when you need one?

  2. this is hilarious...but, er, ahem...very very bad of that little adorable guy of yours...;-)