Thursday, April 23, 2009

Magical Money Making Printer??

Recently Little Man received a play kitchen for his birthday.  He loves going grocery shopping and making food for Peanut and me.  Peanut and I have to buy the meals from him as he makes them (and he charges some high fees).  So I printed some play money from our printer and laminated them for us to use in this game.  He loves his “moneys”.  

The other day I was talking to Papa Bear and we were discussing something that we wanted to buy but we weren’t sure if we had enough money.  Little Man (who is always listening to our conversations while he plays) walked right up to the printer and said “Make more moneys Mama”.  We laughed at his innocence and maybe a little about his criminal mindset of counterfeiting and tried to explain that we can’t make real money on the printer.  I thought it was forgotten but today he walked up to the printer and said “thank you printer for my moneys”.  

So I guess he thinks that we don’t know what we are talking about and that he has a special relationship with the printer that it only gives him money.

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