Friday, April 17, 2009

Like Riding a Bike

I got to watch Little Man pedal his bike on his own for the first time today.  He and Papa Bear have been working on this particular skill for a while and today he got it (and he was finally tall enough to reach the pedals).  He was just so proud of himself and it was written all over his face.  He would go forwards and backwards and then get stuck and start it all over again.

The funniest part for us is that he hasn't mastered the skill of steering AND pedaling at the same time.  So if he is working his feet he often times will run into the mailbox/trees or off the sidewalk.  Hopefully he will be able to do both soon and we can start cruising the neighborhood on wheels instead of on foot.  I just can't believe how big and self-sufficient he is becoming.

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