Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Due Date to Peanut!

Today I welcomed Peanut into the world of "newborn" and out of the world of "premie"! It is nice to be back on familiar ground.  I have been at a loss on how to deal with a lot of the premie behavior, but I KNOW newborn.  He has had a much more alert day today and is currently playing on his playmat, hitting the hanging toys and staring at himself in the mirror.  It is his 3rd long stretch (read 1-2 hours each time) of awake time today.  It is nice to see the deep blue color of his eyes for more than a few minutes, to see him track an object for a few seconds, to see the rolls start to build on his arms and legs (and boy are they building), and most of all to see him have typical newborn movements and behaviors.  

So Happy Due Date 4 weeks after you came into this world my precious Peanut.  You are lifting your head up occasionally, exploring your limbs and making friends with your reflection in the mirror.  You are all that is perfect and pure in this world and I love every second that I get to steal with you.  If I don't hold you as much as I did your brother when he was your age, I'm sorry, if I don't pay as much attention to you as I did your brother when he was your age, I'm sorry.  I do try to do for you what I did for him, but I DO love you as much as I do your brother.

Love, Mama