Monday, April 27, 2009

The Second Child Syndrome

Papa Bear and I are doing our best to do for Peanut just was we have done for Little Man.  I am going to nurse him for at least a year, we take a thousand pictures of him, he is sleeping in our room for the first 6-7 weeks, I will make his baby food, he is held and loved at all times... but there are still some differences that mark him as our second.  A prime example occurred the other night.

Peanut is a great sleeper... unless he has to poop.  If he is working on his business he grunts and bleats much like a goat.  It is loud and very hard to sleep through and can go on for hours.  So the other night after his 4:00 am feeding, after an hour or so of his goat like bleating, he finally pooped.  I changed his diaper on the pad we have on the floor of our room.  He was laying there in his pajamas, fed, asleep and in a clean diaper and his little body was just so relaxed.  I contemplated picking him up and putting him in his bassinet and I just couldn't bother him (I didn't want to risk him waking up and doing more bleating).  SO I just left him on the changing mat on the floor to sleep.  I woke Papa Bear up and said " Peanut is on the floor, don't step on him".  Bless his heart, he didn't even question me.  He just said ok and went back to sleep.  The differences are small and the sign of a more relaxed parent.  But I got some great sleep the rest of the night and so did he!


  1. I know when I have to poop - Michelle makes me sleep on the floor too...we all get better sleep...HA!

  2. LOL, little brother. You crack me up, Unca Mook!