Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teaming Up on Me!

As the only female in a house full of males I knew that one day they would team up on me.  I had no idea it would start so early.  The day was going smoothly - the boys slept well, slept in even, we went to the Nature Center and then to a playground.  We came home and played in the yard, had lunch and then it happened.  Peanut was sleeping in the swing and Little Man was ready for his nap. But then Little Man couldn't fall asleep and Peanut woke up screaming.  I left Little Man to fend for himself to find a starving Peanut very worked up.  I did a quick feed for Peanut and put him in his crib to go back to Little Man (who was crying for me).  I tucked Little Man back in and he was almost asleep when Peanut starting crying due to the hiccups.  Little Man was back up and Peanut was screaming and I wanted to join them in the crying and screaming.  But then one settled and the other settled and the world righted itself.  Wow I need a nap!!

On a totally unrelated note, Little Man (who has hated eating rice every time we have tried to give it to him) decided tonight that he loves rice and ate all of my rice.  

On one more totally unrelated note, Peanut is not the size of a peanut anymore...we are thinking his new nickname should be Watermelon or at least Cantaloupe.  He is really chunking up.

Picture by Carol E. Hayes Photography


  1. I love that pic--and btw, you are such a good momma!!!

  2. Thanks Jess - the hardest part of having 2 is the guilt in having to split your time and attention. ( I don't know how your mom did it!) So it is nice to hear when someone thinks I am doing a good job!