Friday, April 23, 2010

Peanut Steps

Peanut has been pulling up, cruising and using push objects to move across the room for quite some time. He can even stay in the standing position on his own for up to a minute but he hasn't gotten the courage to try lifting his roll filled legs to get going on his own. His feet are huge and the perfect walking platform but crawling is just so dang fast for him that he won't give walking a fair shake. This wasn't a problem for me through the winter. Little Man walked so early that it was nice to have a baby that was crawling for a longer time because there were less accidents and bumps and bruises. However, we are entering park season and it is so much easier to go to parks with upright children. So Papa Bear and I have been trying to encourage him to walk or at least try walking as much as possible. Until last night we hadn't found the right motivation...Papa Bear's coffee. What can I say, the kid loves coffee and chases Papa Bear around the house when he is drinking it to try and get a little taste. So we (without any shame) held that coffee cup up over his head, stood him on his feet and cheered for him. He took two little tiny Peanut steps, laughing the entire time. We were so excited and tried to get him to do it again and again. Unfortunately, coupled with a bit of exhaustion and the fact that he figured out we weren't really going to give him the coffee he just kept falling to the ground. But I loved those Peanut steps!!!

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