Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Midnight Blanket Dilemna

Oh it was a rough night for poor Peanut. I knew it was a night fraught with the possibility of disaster because he only had one nap yesterday and my boy needs two naps if he is going to sleep through the night. So a wake up was expected, but what was unexpected was that his diaper would leak and he would have pee all over himself, his pajamas, his sheets and yes, the worst case scenario - his blanket. So I changed him, cleaned him up while Papa Bear changed the sheets and then we looked at each other. Do we let him sleep on his own urine to let him have his blanket or do we hope he is too tired to notice it is missing? Well if you know me, you know that I could not go with the first option. So the blanket went immediately into the wash and a similar material blanket was put in the crib in hopes that it would help. I was rocking Peanut in my arms to help sooth him back down and he sits up in my arms and points imperiously at his crib. My boy loves his crib but when I put him in it instead of laying down he sees the new blanket, rears up, scoots backwards off it it and lets out a whimper. Oh how we need a second blanket in these situations!!! He eventually settled with a sippy cup of milk and about 6 binks to keep him company. When he was reunited with his blanket this morning it was adorable and heart warming. He threw himself down on the blanket, snuggled his face in and didn't let go of it for at least 30 minutes dragging it around the house with him. He is now napping happily with his blanket and we are hoping to avoid a midnight blanket dilemma for a while. Maybe next time I will just let him sleep on the blanket.....ugh, maybe not!

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