Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not My Kid!

I learned early on as a mother that judging the choices of other mothers' or saying "Oh, as a mom I would NEVER do that" mostly guaranteed that I would end up doing exactly that or have to make that same choice that I judged. I have managed to mostly turn off my judgy attitude about mothering over the last 3 years. But what I hadn't learned, until today, is to turn off my "My kid would never..." thoughts. I would see a child hit or throw something and think, oh my Little Man is such an angel he would never do that. Not my kid. Until today.

I was working up in my room and Papa Bear was on duty. He comes walking into our room holding an open marker and I knew I wasn't going to like what he had to say. Little Man had taken it upon himself to draw on the back of our very nice, very expensive couch. After an extended time in his room thinking while I worked diligently at washing out the marker stain (which I actually got out) he explained that he couldn't find any paper. The dramatic explanation that ensued was good enough for the stage. Oh the drama of having no paper and wanting to be a big boy and get paper all by himself and not being able to find any and having a marker and really really wanting to color and seeing the couch. Really? Really? Well I guess I can't say "not my kid" anymore. Because taking markers and scribbling on totally inappropriate surfaces...that is SO my kid!

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  1. First of all, kudos on actually getting the marker stain OUT of the couch. That's kinda amazing.
    And second of all--I guess getting rid of the judgy attitude all around is a good lesson for all of us! Thanks for the reminder:)