Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach Week!

We just got back from a week long trip to Myrtle Beach. I am exhausted so I will keep this short and write more later when I get pictures off of the camera. It was an amazing week. We had no agenda, no plan and no pressure to do anything other than have a good time. We couldn't even get the computer to work so there was no checking email or even spending any time on the computer, which was truly a blessing even if it meant that I couldn't blog on the trip. Our days were split between the beach and the pool. The pool had a great baby pool, lazy river and water park that delighted Little Man. Peanut was not as fond of the pool but LOVED the beach. He would crawl straight toward the ocean and would have kept going if we didn't stop him. He loved the water, the sand (eating and playing with it) and beach toys and even took naps on the beach to help us extend our play time. Little Man was remarkably independent in both his beach and pool play. We made memories, refreshed our minds and ate a lot of junk. The boys had lots of late bedtimes and ice cream treats much later than is recommended and more hotdogs and french fries than I can count. There isn't a moment that we weren't enjoying ourselves, taking long family naps (where each person napped but not all in the same bed, thank goodness). We ended the week with a few days with Mee-Mom and on the last day had friends come and visit and play all day at the pool. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation with my boys. It was our last vacation as a family of 4 and I am already looking forward to our next vacation (not that we have one planned) when we will be a family of 5!


  1. sounds perfect.
    and probably a blessing that the computer didn't work, since that meant you got to spend more time in the moment with the real and wonderful people around you.
    I'm happy for you, Jamie:)

  2. Thanks Jess! It was truly a time of making memories and being in the moment with the family.