Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is Blue a Flavor?

"Little Man, what flavor ice cream do you want to eat?"


"Blue isn't a flavor, it is a color. Would you like vanilla or chocolate?"


"They don't have blue ice cream. Colors aren't types of ice creams, but I think you would like the chocolate. It is brown. Or how about strawberry, it is pink!"

"You said colors aren't ice cream, I see pink and green."

"Yes, I see pink and green too, they are called strawberry and mint chocolate chip. Would you like one of those?"

"No, I want blue ice cream."

"Ok, I understand that you want blue ice cream and I know it is disappointing. Let's look and see a different color that you want to eat."

"Mama, colors aren't flavors."

"You don't say! Ok, pick an ice cream."


"There isn't any black ice cream."

"Yes there is, right there. The black with the black in it."

"The chocolate with the chocolate chips and brownies?"

"Yes, Black!"


So, I had this very round about conversation while on a field trip with his class. We went to an ice cream shop and the children were able to pick out their own ice cream, pay for it themselves (which was a huge hit, I am going to have to let Little Man pay for his own items more often) and even had a demonstration on how ice cream was made a long time ago. Little Man's logic on his ice cream choice was a bit frustrating but also had me laughing. It was my first field trip with his class and it was so much fun to watch him truly enjoy himself. He played at a park, walked a rope walk, spun on spinny things and ate ALL of his chocolate brownie ice cream even if it wasn't blue.


  1. We'll take you to Cold Stone--they have blue, also known as Cotton Candy! We've been trying to teach Evan about colors/flavors, too, and I realized I'm guilty of sometimes calling red a flavor!

  2. blue is a flavor in slush/ice type beverages.