Monday, May 24, 2010


Growing up I moved frequently in my pre-teen and teenage years so I didn't under those forever friends. You know the ones that said "We have been friends since we were 3". I couldn't imagine what kind of friendship developed at the ripe old age of 3 and I certainly couldn't imagine staying friends for the next 15 years. But Little Man has truly developed friends and it is amazing to watch. Yesterday we went to a house warming party for some friends of ours. Their oldest daughter is the same age as Little Man and they have played together for the last year or so. When we got there, Little Man and K went straight up to her room and play for the next hour up there (totally by themselves with the occasional check in by an adult). They had conversations about vacations and favorite colors. They had a dance party and generally had fun. After a while another friend of our arrived and their oldest son E (who has also played with Little Man and K for the past year or so) joined right in. The 3 of them played with each other and when it was time to go Little Man lamented having to stop playing with his friends. He calls them his friends, they act like friends, calling out to each other, playing the same games and asking them to come over. We even had an opportunity to skype with his friend H who recently moved to Japan. They asked each other questions and sang their abc's together. And for the first time I can understand being friends with the same person since they were 3. I envision that for my children and hope that they will have one or two or maybe even three friends that at their high school graduation party I see them upstairs together hanging out in their room the same way that they did when they were 3. These are real bonds they are forming and I am so impressed with Little Man that he has made such good friendships already!

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