Thursday, May 6, 2010

Keeping Me Going...

Peanut didn't sleep Tuesday night. I mean, really. didn't. sleep. Which means either did I. I got about 45 minutes around 5:00 am and other than that I was holding, rocking, soothing a very sick and upset baby. It was heartbreaking and exhausting. The next morning I took him to the doctor and it turns out that he has a virus and one of the symptoms is awful, painfully huge ulcers in his throat. No wonder he cried for 12 hours. So Wednesday I had a energetic 3 year old that I had to drag with me to the doctors office, the pharmacy, the store for supplies, flowers for teacher appreciation week...well you get the drift. Not a super fun day after no sleep the night before, but what kept me going was Little Man's sense of humor and fun play.

It started at the pharmacy. We had to wait a while to get Peanut's medicine and Little Man was happily entertaining himself. There was a gentleman in line in front of us and Little Man kept saying hello. The gentleman either didn't hear him or was ignoring him so Little Man decided to keep up both sides of the conversation. I hear him say, "Hi Guy!"
"Hi Little Man" says the guy
Finally the gentleman either hears him or is embarressed by Little Man's one way conversation to turn around and say hi and Little Man exuberiently yells Hi Guy!

Then a little later in the day we were picking out flowers for his teacher. I had put the flower on the table to buy and another woman had put her flowers at the other end of the table. Little Man yells "Hey Lady, don't take my flowers!" She very kindly tells him that she won't take them because she has her own. This was not enough of a reassurance because he yells again (he isn't really yelling but he only has two volumes, loud and louder) "Lady don't touch my flowers they are for Mrs. F and Mrs. H!" Even as she walked away, he was guarding his flowers.

That same evening I was laying on the couch and he asked to come up and hug and snug with me. He gives a deep sigh and I asked him what that was all about and he said "I am just having a rough time Mama. Laying on the couch, playing with my toys, huggin' and snuggin'. Rough time." I couldn't stop laughing. Oh how he sounds like me!

Really, he is such a joy and keeps me going on some of the more difficult days. And even better, I got to sleep through the night Wednesday night and woke up to a much happier baby!

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