Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Binky Thief

Peanut is sneaky, cute as pie, but sneaky too. And he uses his cuteness to get away with the sneakiness. We try to restrict his binky (pacifier) to be used only in his crib, the car and when he is sick. Once he turned 1, we really starting enforcing it. He doesn't need it during the day when he is playing and distracted even if he thinks he does. As I mentioned, he is sneaky. Occasionally he will pull a binky from my diaper bag and squirrel it away. We have a ton of binkys so we don't notice one going missing especially since his room is littered with them. (Seriously,we can find up to 10 in his room that he chucks out of his crib to get our attention when he doesn't want to be in his crib anymore.) So this morning we were all playing in the reading room and Peanut was acting very tired. I have no idea why he was so tired, he slept through the night, woke up a bit early (6:00) and we gave him a sippy cup and he went back to sleep for a while. So at 8:30 I just didn't think it should be nap time. Well I guess he didn't agree with me. He was crawling up into my lap and laying his head on me and I kept putting him back down to play. All of a sudden he got up, crawled over to the coffee table, laid down on his stomach, reached under the table, pulled out a bink, popped it in his mouth and laid his head down. I got the point, I also got his hiding place. Sneaky! Sneaky! So I gave in and put him down for an earlier nap than I had planned and sent Little Man on a Binky Hunt to see if we could spot Peanut's other hiding places. The kid is good. We found one in a shoe and one pushed into the corner of his tow truck. He is so darn cute about being sneaky that I can't even begrudge him the occasional bink!

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