Monday, March 29, 2010

Lessons Learned

1. When giving your 3 year old a whole apple for the first time (instead of slices of apple) explain to him the difference between the part he should eat and the core or else he will eat the entire thing (twice).

2. When letting your 3 year old "wash" the dishes after making peanut butter and honey cereal bars make sure he doesn't accidentally get a measuring cup wedged in the drain causing the sink to fill up and overflow like a waterfall all over the kitchen. If this does happen, DON'T panic and try to get the measuring cup out without FIRST turning off the water.

3. When trying to get your 3 year old (boys especially) to stand on a particular spot for a picture DON'T tell him to "smash" the leaf because you will never actually get the picture because he will spend the next 5 minutes trying to find the leaf to smash instead of looking cute for the picture.

4. When changing your 1 year olds diaper do not take your eyes off of him for a second or you will end up chasing a giggling, naked baby through the hallway with a diaper only for him to turn around and pee on you. You have to love the automatic sprinkler action of a boy.

5. If you have a secret, don't tell your 3 year old unless you would like that secret repeated to every single person he sees.


  1. I love to have a good chuckle in the middle of the day.

  2. Too funny! I should have warned you about the apple, when i gave mine his first whole apple last summer in the car i looked back and he'd eaten the whole thing too! I still have to remind him BTW, but i think he's got it now.