Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What A Day!

Today was an unorthodox day in our house and it resulted in some fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants parenting. This morning our house was invaded by a nurse (to collect blood for a life insurance policy) and a guy to repair the surface of our kitchen table. Little Man was enthralled with his new audiences and told the nurse that she had bones and hair - he was sharing the medical knowledge he learned at school. Then he informed the guy fixing the table that "you a big big guy". To be fair, the guy was tall and broad and rather giant-like but I had to quickly usher Little Man away as he started to call the guy " the giant table guy". Then the method that was used to fix the table filled the house with the smell of 10 bottles of nail polish poured in each room. So we quickly packed up and headed out to Chick Filet for lunch and playing on the playground. No matter what we do, Little Man will not eat any form of fast food. So Peanut ate Little Man's chicken nugget and fries while Little Man at a fruit cup and ran off to play. Peanut flirted so shamelessly with a pretty 20 something that I actually had to apologize to the guy she was with. Home we went for early naps from 12-1:30 and then we were supposed to run some errands while the housekeepers that I splurged on for the month were supposed to be there at 2. So off we went to a friends house, doctors appointment and the park. While we were out Little Man kept yelling "I want to see Mee-Mom, I want to see Mee-Mom!" It took me almost a half hour and a ton of exasperation to realize that he meant he wanted to look in the little picture portal that Mee-Mom gave him with her picture in it. Crisis averted we headed home for dinner only to find out that the housekeepers were running behind and were still at the house. So a quick bottle was fixed and out we went again to go out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Little Man, again eating against the grain, had the cantaloupe and orange that were garnishes and a little but of cheese quesadilla while Peanut scarfed down the rest of the quesadilla, fries, avocado and chips. Stuffed and throughly exhausted we returned home to a very clean house just in time for pajamas and bedtime! Oh what a day!!

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