Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change is hard..even if it just the seasons

The temperatures are in the 60's, the sun is shining, the sky is the blue blue of spring and life is good! That means we are spending time tracing each other with chalk on the driveway creating our own little crime scenes, bike rides and time at the park. All of this would be perfect if Little Man accepted the changing of the wardrobe as easily as he is taking the changing of the seasons. He refuses to wear shorts or short sleeved shirts. He insists that shorts are broken pants and that short sleeve shirts are missing the rest of the sleeves. I have tried calling them short pants instead of shorts or just putting them on and hoping he doesn't notice. I put a short sleeved shirt on him and then put on a sweatshirt hoping that if he got hot he would take off the sweatshirt and not realize the shirt was "broken". We got through this every spring and again come late fall. Little Man just doesn't like change. Today after throwing a fit about the shorts I was trying to put him in, he pulled out a pair of pant and said, " these are perfect for me Mama and they go all the way to my feet". So the battle will rage for the next few weeks while I try to ease him into this wardrobe change. No one likes change, but for Little Man it seems to be even harder to accept.

Peanut isn't having and trouble with the short sleeves but the shorts are giving him a problem because he is getting rug burn on his knees from crawling without the added protection of pants. So I am keeping him in pants for now (which doesn't help the Little Man cause).

Oh and off topic - Little Man has sticky fingers. He went on a playdate down the street and came back with a watch on his wrist and a (play) cellphone in his pocket. When I emailed my neighbor she said that they even commented on how his watch looked just like her son's watch. Little Man just smiled and kept on going. So now we have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get sticky fingers at the wrong time :)


  1. that must be so frustrating, but ohmygoodness, how hilarious that he insists that shorts are "broken" pants and the same for shirts! I've never thought about that, but he kinda has a point!

  2. I know! It is hard to argue with him when I understand where he is coming from. I am not one to embrace change myself and refuse to wear sandals until I know for sure it is warm enough to not go back.

    His teacher is going to help and talk about warm weather clothing!