Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anticipation is Mounting!

Three weeks from today, Little Man turns 3 and two weeks from tomorrow, Peanut turns 1. It is so hard to believe that I will have a 3 year old and a 1 year old in the house. This year we have decided to have a joint birthday party. Let's be honest, we will probably do this for as long as we possibly come. So the invitations are in the mail. The Fun Bus has been booked and the theme has been chosen. Not that there was much choice, Curious George or Curious George. We still have to get the cake (it has to be a George Cake, Little Man has made it clear that he will accept nothing less) and the party bags are needed. I promised that I wouldn't get carried away, but really I have to admit it is probably way too late for that. My excuse is that Little Man got shafted last year because Peanut took us by surprise and made his early debut 6 days before Little Man turned 2. Oh and have hired a girl in our neighborhood to help host with us but really we hired her because Little Man is madly in love with her and he will be so excited to have her at his party. She is 9 and will be helping set up, clean up, serve food and bring the most gigantic smile to Little Man's face. Peanut is currently sick with some virus and quite a miserable person. Lots of good healthy thoughts over the next three weeks for my babies that aren't quite babies anymore.

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