Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peanut's Blankie

Peanut has a comfort item that he is attached too and it is adorable to see his daily reuniting with his blankie in his crib. It is like watching two long lost friends find each other (3 times a day). We didn't even know he was attached to it until I took it from his crib to wash and we endured 2 days of screaming at nap and bedtime. And even while enduring the screaming during nap and bedtime we didn't put two and two together to figure out that he was screaming for his long lost friend. We actually didn't figure it out until we took it from the wash and while folding laundry saw him launch himself at the blanket on the floor, bury his head right in it and close his eyes in heavenly delight. So now his blankie lives in his crib with his binkie and he isn't able to hide it around the house like he can with his binkies. We are searching the internet desperately for a second blankie to have a replacement to switch in and out during washing time or in case of losing it. No such luck yet, but I am not giving up. The cutest time with him and the blankie is at night when the boys are getting ready for bed. I will often sit in a chair in Little Man's room helping with pajamas and reading books. Now I put Peanut's blanket on my shoulder and he snuggles in and I can feel his whole body relax on me while I read to Little Man or chat with Papa Bear.

Oh and I caught Little Man stealing binkies from Peanut's crib and giving them to Peanut on the sly. So it seems that our Binky Thief has an accomplice. At least they are working together instead of fighting!!

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