Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Months of Sweet Pea

There are moments when I inhale the pure baby smell of baby wash, A&D ointment and milk breath that I wish I could just stop time so that the baby days wouldn't fly by quite so quickly.

Sweet Pea is so different from the boys and Papa Bear and I always remarking over how different girls are than boys even at such a young age. When we put her in the jumperoo, she gently dances and sways while playing with her toys while the boys would jump so hard we were worried they would break the machine. If any object comes within 6 inches of her face, she is immediately reaching out to grab it and investigate it, pulling it in. We call her "handsy" but the truth is that she is just different at 5 months than we have previously experienced. She is her own worst enemy because she can pull out her binky and put it back but it much much better at pulling it out than putting it back. She doesn't need constant attention but will immediately protest if she is left in a room all by herself.

Things I don't want to forget about Sweet Pea at 5 months:

1. She wants to be a finger sucker even though she takes the pacifier. She wants this so badly that when she nurses she somehow manages to stick her finger in her mouth so that she can suck her fingers at the same time as she eats.

2. When you take her diaper off to change her, her feet and legs spring up into the air as if she knows what to do or as if the diaper release is so wonderful that she must stretch to celebrate!

3. She loves her biggest brother more than anyone else and can immediately be cheered up by his crazy antics.

4. When she sees me coming to pick her up, she gets so excited that she starts flapping her arms as if she is going to fly away and she is almost shaking with excitement by the time I get to her.

She can be a superhero.....

The love she has for her biggest brother is 100% mutual

Her gummy, open mouthed smiles are what heaven is made of...

She is sitting up with support...


Our Sweet Pea, our angel on earth, is growing so fast. We think she is close to 20 pounds now and most of that chunk can be found in her thighs and at the nape of her neck. She is still sleeping well although her napping abilities leave a lot to be desired. She is just a joy and has made our family complete.

PS - if you think there aren't very many pictures of Peanut these days on this blog, that is because THIS is the only picture I can seem to get of him these days.....

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