Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter to Peanut

Dear Peanut,

Today you turned 2 years old. Today we went to run a few errands and I let you walk next to me through the stores as we got a few items. When I asked you to take my hand you would yell "do" up at me, making it very clear that you could do it all by yourself. You carried our bags to the car even though one was clearly too heavy for you. When I asked you if you needed help, you yelled "do" at me once more. You climbed up into your carseat and wouldn't let me buckle you in. Your chubby hands pushed mine away as you once again declared "do" and proceeded to buckle yourself in all on your own. I love your independence streak even when it is inconvenient.

When I put you to bed tonight, you were so excited to go to sleep. Then an hour later you were calling to me from your bed. When I went in to check on you, you were standing up and laughing asking me for more water. You laughed because you hid your water cup from me and loved that I had to get down on the floor to find it. Then you laughed when I brought it back to you filled with water. You laughed some more when I tried to find your binky's and when I found one you declared " There they are! More!" and made me find the other 5 you like to have in your bed with you. After you laid back down and got tucked in again you giggled your silly laugh and said "night night" one more time. I love how silly you can be even when you are being naughty at bedtime.

You are my independant, silly, sweet little boy. I cherish each time you wrap your chubby arms around me. You don't give them out easily or often so I savor each snuggle that I get. You are so stubborn and fight me mostly when I challenge your independence. You insist on being the one to close a door and if I close it by accident you insist on opening it back up and closing it yourself. As independent as you are, you also worship your big brother copying his every action even when it is something you can't do like a cartwheel or handstand. I love catching you looking sideways at your big brother while watching TV just to make sure you are sitting exactly like he is sitting.

I don't want to let you grow up, but I also can't wait to see everything you are going to achieve in your life. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I am so proud of who you are and who you are going to grow up to be. Just remember that as many times as you insist on doing things on your own, you always have me and Papa if you should need a little help. We love you so much!



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