Friday, March 18, 2011

Ups and Downs and lot of laughs

I don't really even know how to take everything that has happened in the last few days and put it into one post. This is probably 3 different posts but to make my life easier - I am just going to break it up within one post.


Sweet Pea spiked a super high fever on Wednesday night which was especially scary because she is so young. She was laying on my lap and I realized that it felt like she was burning a hole in my jeans. So we took her temperature and it was 103. Tylenol, a call to the pediatrician, cool baths and many temp checks through the night led us to the doctors in the morning. I had Sweet Pea and Peanut with me so you can imagine that doctors visit was a little bit of a circus act. Finally after finding out we were going to have to do a series of tests for her that would keep us there upwards of two hours I called in reinforcements and Papa Bear came to our rescue. He kindly took Peanut across the street to play the playground so that I could concentrate on the tests for Sweet Pea instead of keeping Peanut from licking the germ infested toys at the doctors office.


Sweet Pea got spots!! Yay! That means that it is roseola, which is a common childhood virus that is an unexplained super high fever and when the fever breaks the child gets a rash. So now we know what it was and can relax our vigil over our little girl. We are relieved!

Papa Bear is my hero and during his heroic rescue at the doctors office he also got to enjoy some one on one time with Peanut at the park. We were talking about how much fun it was to have that time at the park with just Peanut and it got me thinking that I need to take more time to focus on him. Yes, we have our speech therapy but we don't have much other one on one time just me and him. So after dropping Little Man at school this morning we had about 30 minutes to kill before we had to be home for speech therapy and I took him to a park. We had a blast! He was a delight! He ran and played and talked up a storm and when it was time to go he slipped his sweet chubby hand in mine and walked to the car. It made me realize that I have to take more time like that with him - not on playdates, not with Little Man...just me and Peanut (and of course Sweet Pea who just slept on me in my baby carrier).

Little Man is our "watch me, watch me" kid and Sweet Pea being so young makes it such that they both demand so much of my attention. Peanut doesn't ask for much attention so hearing him say "Mama Watch" before going down the slide and giggling while playing peek a boo through the bars of the playground warmed my heart.

I am certainly looking forward to every good weathered Friday because we are going to start going to parks for 3o minutes before speech every week. A good thing like this must be worked into our schedule more often.

Lots of Laughs

Little Man is hysterical with his adult sounding sentences and sentiment. This morning I sat down to inhale my breakfast (egg white and salsa burrito) and he looked like he was going to try and steal it...again. So I told him to not even think about asking for a bite. He looked at my thoughtfully and said "Ok, I will make a deal with you. I will eat everything that falls out of your burrito and you can keep anything that stays in it." I might have let a little fall out on purpose because of how adorable his negotiating techniques are.

He is also my little helper. Today I told the boys that it was time to "lock and load" which means to get in the car. I grabbed Sweet Pea and followed them out only to find that Little Man had helped Peanut get up in his seat and had buckled him in for me even pulling the strap to tighten the harness. Then he climbed down, got in his own seat and buckled himself in and entertained Sweet Pea the entire way to our destination. Don't get me wrong, he can be a typical almost 4 year old a lot of the time but I love when his selfless, nurturing and caring side comes out in these types of ways. I am truly blessed to have my Little Man to help me out each day.

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