Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicken..Farm Animal or Dinner

Peanut is off and running on his speech these days, we can't stop him not that we are trying. I know that he is progressing because I keep track of all of this one word and two word phrases, take copious notes on his frustrations and how we overcome them, how long it took, and meet weekly with his speech therapist. But the one sign that has stood out among the rest is that he is saying funny and cute things that I want to note on this blog.

Earlier this week we were playing with the farm animals and naming them and their sounds. I held up the cow and he yelled "Moo", I held up the dog and he yelled "Ruff" and then I held up the chicken and he yelled "yummy"! I couldn't stop laughing. And in the same vein, tonight I was reading a bedtime book to him and he was naming things on the page and when he got to the pig he said "hotdog". Well yes, dear Peanut, you are quite correct but not everything has to relate to how you eat it. Although with his appetite and love for food, I am not surprised! I love how his little mind works.

Little Man is getting so grown up in his speech too. Today I was listening while he was playing with his toys and I overheard him say "Spiderman, my friend, that is just not going to happen". And his new favorite phrase is "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Unfortunately he expects that every IS thinking what he is thinking and we have had a few meltdowns when I had to explain to him that I wasn't thinking we should have ice cream for dinner. But you can't blame the boy for trying.

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