Monday, February 28, 2011

4 months already!

Sweet Pea turned 4 months this past weekend and she is getting so big. It is incredible the changes that can happen seemingly overnight at this age. We don't have a weight and height because we can't seem to get an appointment with our pediatrician until she is 5 months and with her being baby #3 we are a little more relaxed and just going with it. In my less than scientific method of getting on and off the scale with and without the baby she is about 16 pounds.

Sweet Pea spends most of her day playing on her playmat catching the animals tightly in her tiny fists or in her exosaucer playing with the toys and smiling at her brothers. She has just started to regulate her naps into about 3 a day making bedtime at the same time as her brothers (do you hear Papa Bear and I celebrating?). She is still sleeping about 9-10 hours at night and after a quick dream feed at 10:30 pm sleeps until 7:15 or so.

Our baby girl is exercising her lungs fairly well with her high pitched shrieks when she wants attention and her sweet coos when she feels like making peace with us.

The thing that is the most amazing to me and Papa Bear is that Sweet Pea is so petite (in our world). At her roughly very unscientifically estimated 16 pound weight she is 4 pounds less than her brothers were at the same age. 4 pounds is A LOT when you are talking about a baby! When Peanut turned 4 months old I posted about all of the things that he had already outgrown because he was already 20 pounds at the ripe old age of 4 months. So I think it would be appropriate that I make a list of the things that Sweet Pea is still fitting into:

1. Her 3-6 month clothing. Although I am chomping at the bit to move her into her 6-9 month clothing because it is all so cute AND I am just not used to having a child in age appropriate clothing.

2. Her infant car seat. While she is definitely under the weight limit for the car seat she is probably fast approaching the length limit because she is one long baby girl! It is really nice to still be able to use this when shopping or at a playdate for some where for her to sit.

3. Size 2 diapers - although we have moved her into size 3 diapers to avoid blowouts and I foresee her in this size for at least a few more months.

4. The swing, the bassinet level of the pack n play and all of the other items that she should still be able to use....she still can use!!

5. Shoes that aren't extra extra extra wide. Combine fat feet with a wide foot and you have Peanut and Little Man's feet but Sweet Pea has adorable small narrow relatively petite feet which means that she can wear adorably cute shoes just to keep her socks on/just because I think they are adorable.

And for your viewing pleasure::

I know she looks chunky but that is only a 3-6 month outfit!!

Isn't she the cutest?!

And no, Peanut isn't about to hit her. He is giving her his love rubs....


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