Saturday, February 12, 2011

Port Discovery Children's Museum

Today we took all of the kids to Little's Day at the Port Discovery Children's museum. Little's day is a day that is geared towards children under 5 so there were bubbles and moonbounces, kindersingers and preschool crafts. Of course my children were not interested in any of that. There were 3 main attractions that captured my kids. The train, the treehouse and the water play.

The train was a wooden train that they could load crates onto a crane and raise and lower the crane to load and unload the cargo. Little Man was so intrigued and experimented with the weight of the loads and how to raise and lower it quickly without dropping it on the unsuspecting children below. Peanut just enjoyed climbing on the train and pushing the button to blow the whistle over and over and over. Check out Sweet Pea hanging out in the front carrier watching her brothers. She slept in the carrier off and on and was on her very best behavior!

The treehouse was this huge climbing structure that is really geared to much older kids than my boys. But the boys found one area that was perfect for them. They ran up and down this squishy, bouncy blue mat over and over and over. Peanut ran as fast as his chunky legs could carry him and wiped out at least one on each lap but loved it. Little Man ran, slid and jumped showing off some of his gymnastic abilities.

The water play room was awesome! There was a huge water table with levies and dams and spinning things, a large bubble maker that you could stand inside and blow a bubble around yourself, and a water pipe area. Little Man spent most of his time in the water pipe area. He constructed a piping system all by himself to contain the water. Watching him work was so much fun. It was a trial and error process in which he got very wet (we had brought a change of clothes in anticipation of this part of the museum) and stuck with it. Peanut loved this area too and actually had a throw down meltdown when we made him leave after an hour in the room. Oh and he also had to take a break to get a drink because we kept spying him with his head IN the water table so he could get a drink! Oy!

They were troopers and kept up good spirits from 10-2 at the museum and after some quick bites of McDonald's in the car the trip ended like this....

and this.....

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