Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bowling Fun and Chocolate Mice

Little Man and I had a date day again today. I try to do this once a month or so with him because I do ask a lot of him as the biggest brother and he needs some time out without his younger siblings taking my focus. We decided to go bowling and it was honestly the best time I think I have ever had with just him. The first game was spent mostly on trying to figure out the best way for him to heave a 6 pound ball down the lane without injuring himself or others. He scored a 15 in that game but he wasn't frustrated at all. Each time he got a gutter ball we still high-fived and talked about how close it was. Most of the time his ball went straight down the lane taking a huge curve at the last minute to miss all of the pins. At one point his ball got stuck in the gutter due to lack of power getting it down there and we had to call someone to go get his ball. Of course the rest of the bowling adventure he was very concerned about his ball getting stuck again. After one game I was ready to go get some lunch but he was having so much fun that we decided to go and pay for another game. At this point he had really gotten the hang of things. He would pick up his 6 pound ball and run as fast as he could and then stop abruptly at the line (very carefully not going over it because it would buzz if he crossed the line and he didn't want to make it buzz) and then he would half side throw, half overhand throw his ball down the lane. He got a spare and a strike that game and scored a 49. People were stopping to watch this tiny little boy chuck a big bowling ball with absolutely no form whatsoever and get big results. The best part was his unflagging enthusiasm. It didn't matter if he got 9 pins or 1 pin he still jumped up and down, gave me high-fives and hugs. If I got a gutter ball he would say "Oh mama, that was SO close" and was just the most polite and well behaved gentleman on our date. We followed this up with lunch at McDonalds where we talked and talked about everything that came into his little head. It was the most wonderful 3 hours I have spent with Little Man in a long time.

After our date we came home and worked on making chocolate treats for a chocolate brunch we are attending tomorrow at a friend's house. We used cherries, melting chocolate and hershey kisses to make Chocolate Mice and since we had extra chocolate we also dipped giant marshmallows in the chocolate and then into crushed graham crackers to make our own version of smores.

We now have a very tired, very sugared up Little Man so we are going to put on a movie to finish up the day and try to keep everyone awake and happy until bedtime at 7.


Chocolate Mice

Little Man Sampling the Goods

Sweet Pea in a pile of clean laundry
(because every post is better with a picture of Sweet Pea)

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