Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Blink...

or you might miss it.

She is growing up way too fast. Playing with her brothers, enduring tummy time like a champ, imitating the faces her biggest brother makes at her. Sweet Pea is not staying as little as I would like her to. I love the infant stage of my children. Each day is different and you literally get to watch them learn about and explore their world. I remember talking to a nurse after Little Man was born and she told me that it would help when nursing to tuck his arm down against my body because he didn't know he had arms yet and so they would just flail about. Papa Bear and I laughed but then we watched him for a few minutes and realized that he didn't make intentional movements and they just flailed about as if independent from his body (yes, that is a Friends reference). Watching Sweet Pea learn about her hands and fingers, turn towards her brother's or Papa's voices, try to watch TV (which Little Man quickly alerts us too each time) is so rewarding. But I blink and she is pushing herself up on her elbows for long periods of time and getting bored with her surroundings. She wants to be where the action is at all times and is most happy when she can see her brothers playing.

Sweet Pea will be 15 weeks tomorrow and she is enjoying toys, mobiles, her brothers and sleeping at night. She isn't enjoying the swing, being left in a room without her brothers, and naps.

Things that I don't want to forget:

How Little Man asks to hold her every chance he gets. He doesn't hold her long but never lets her go without kissing her on her forehead. Peanut immediately MUST kiss her too.

How Sweet Pea literally coos in response to my voice. After eating she will look in my eyes and we will have a little conversation that is half coo, half purr and all the way adorable.

How she squeals/screams in high pitch staccato bursts to let us know that she is not close enough to the action.

The way that she feels in my arms as she fades to sleep at night.

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