Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Binky Ah-Ha moment

Peanut has the cutest little habit of sleeping with one binky in his mouth and one binky in EACH hand. We find it adorable as he makes a pile of binkys on his blanket before laying his head down. Then when all is just right he puts on in his mouth and grabs a bink in each hand, turns on his aquarium, sighs and goes to sleep. When someone else is going to put him to bed for the night we always have to tell them to make sure he has a binky for each hand and one for his mouth and until today we couldn't remember why or where this little habit had come from.

But as I was putting Sweet Pea down for a nap today it became very clear where this adorable habit came from. I put the binky in her mouth and before I could even get to the door she was screaming again. So I headed back to her crib to see her holding the binky in her hand while screaming that it wasn't in her mouth. I realized that she had pulled it out of her mouth but couldn't get it back in. So I put the binky back in (and here is my ah-ha moment) but a different binky in her hand so that she wouldn't continue to pull the one in her mouth out. She settled down and went to sleep. Ah-Ha!!

I remember doing this same little trick turned habit for Peanut and again, I was struck with how much we forget the little things during the blur of the first few years. I am so glad that I am writing these little stories down so that in 2 or 20 years we will reread them and smile at the memories.

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