Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art Gallery

Little Man's school bag is packed every day with wonderful art projects that he made at school. Sometimes they are free form paintings that he made at the easel during free play and other times they are something to do with the lesson of the week. Our school believes that it is the experience of art that matters and not the final outcome so I am not always sure of what a picture or project is actually supposed to be. Luckily, the teacher will often ask Little Man what HE thinks he painted or drew and then writes in the corner of the picture so that the rest of us can "see" it too. These wonderful pieces of art have resided on top of our refrigerator for the past 2 years and we decided that they were not being appreciated there. The painting of "The Meat-Eater" could one day be a masterpiece but only if it isn't hidden away. So after much nagging, Papa Bear hung a few pieces of nylon rope across the wall to create our art gallery. And in the eyes of this Mama Bear it is as beautiful as any museum I have ever been to!

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