Friday, February 18, 2011

Peanut Progress

Peanut has been in speech therapy for a little over 6 months now and we have seen so many amazing changes. There are times that he is playing and talking that I find myself forgetting he has/had a delay. The other day were having snack time and there was a bit of chaos because on top of my 3 we had another 3 year old and two 18 month olds eating with us. I was getting food for everyone and heard 6 little voices chirping away and then I hear "more cheese" and I turn around to see who needed more cheese and to my overwhelming surprise it was Peanut. Now please understand that I wasn't not surprised that he NEEDED more cheese because the boy never stops eating but usually he just says "more more" in increasingly loud tones until I can guess what he needs more of and here he was putting two sweet little words together without prompting. Then this morning Papa Bear took Little Man to school for me (bless the man) and when Peanut realized his brother was gone he went to the door and said "Bye Ja Ja". We also had a very successful speech therapy session today. He allowed the therapist to do some prompting work which is great because his independent side has been pushing our hands away as we try to help his mouth work yelling "do, do" as in " I will do it all by myself because I am so independent that I will fall down the stairs rather than accept your help in anyway". We spent the session today having a cookie and tea party for 7 of his stuffed animals and worked on the words cut, cookie, cup, in, pour, friends, on, and cook. Obviously we are trying to get his hard C sound and he did fairly well. My Peanut is progressing and making huge strides each week. I can't believe he is going to be 2 in just a little over a month. They grow up way too fast!

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