Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stats and Pics:

After just a few days into Spring Break, where we don't have preschool or soccer practice or any other scheduled activities, here are our stats:

2 parks visited
1 watermelon devoured
1 chalk hopscotch played on
2 playdates
13 dandelions picked
1 rescue mission (to help hold down a friend's daughter who needed a tick removed)
1 bubble extraveganza (riding bikes through the bubble machine bubbles)

Over the next few days we hope to add:
1 museum visit
1 more park with a picnic lunch
1 visit to the zoo
1 nature walk through the woods
1 more easter egg hunt (we did one this past weekend to take advantage of the weather)

Here are a few pictures from our rather impromptu easter egg hunt in our front yard this weekend. It took Peanut a few minutes before he got the concept of why we wanted him to gather the eggs, but once he figured it out the boy was on fire. We hid and re-hid the eggs to prolong the fun but all of that ended when Peanut and Little Man figured out that there was candy in some of the eggs.

Here are my eggs:

I see one!!!

This is one of my favorites. Do you see Peanut's little bum sticking out. The boy was out to get every egg he could find even if he ended up in the bushes to get it!!!

And here is our Sweet Pea, just because she can't hunt the eggs doesn't mean she can't get in the fun!

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  1. Love the flower in the hair!!!
    Couldn't do THAT w/ the boys!!