Thursday, April 14, 2011

You're Ok!

I can't count the number of times in a day I tell one of the boys "Pop up, you're ok!" or " Brush it off, you're ok!" . Sometimes I am not even sure if I am trying to convince them or myself after my quick intake of breath and my heart stops beating for that second while I look for the blood, bump, missing tooth etc. Peanut seems to be getting more and more of these reassuring statements these days as he continually tries to repeat his big brother's acrobatic stunts.

For example: Yesterday I heard Peanut crying in the other room and went to investigate. He was clinging to the wet bar with all of his strength while his little chubby legs kicked to try to find the floor that was at least a foot below him. It turns out that he has pushed his Little Tykes car over to the wet bar, climbed from the couch to the top of the car and was trying to climb up to the wet bar to get something or just to make a mess. But the car moved out from under his feet leaving him dangling there for me to find. The good news is that his occupational therapist would be delighted that he was able to accomplish all of that, me, well I just wish Little Man wouldn't teach such things to his brother!

I love that my Mama Bear kisses can treat and cure most of the mishaps that happen in this house and that my shouts of "you're ok" have turned out to be mostly true...but being a mama of 2 boys is making me gray before my time! Oh well, I'm ok!

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