Friday, April 8, 2011


Today is brought to you by the letter P and sponsored by the word POP.

It is amazing how much our world can go from normal to extraordinary with a word.

Today that word is POP!

Such a simple three letter, consonant/vowel/consonant (cvc) word.

And yet, the cvc words ending in p have been evading Peanut's vocab and has been the target of many many speech therapy sessions and practice. Words like up, top, hop, and pop have all be pronounced "Bah".

To try and explain in the simplest terms - he has a hard time saying words that require a closed mouth/jaw closure ending. So yes, you are probably all saying "top" and realizing that when you finish saying the word your mouth is closed and thinking that you have never much paid attention to such things. Well we are all about paying attention to cvc words ending with jaw closure especially with the letter p which is the same mouth movement as b but unvoiced - all of this being something that is very difficult for Peanut.

Until NOW!

Early in the day he was cranky and not feeling well and I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up (no small feat since he weighs 39 pounds) and he raised his arms and said "Bup". Ok so I know this isn't up, but it was the first time in a crazy long time that he put the p on the end of the word. I did an inner fist pump but didn't put too much stock in it because with his motor planning issues it isn't uncommon for him to have a "pop out" word where he says something well but when you ask him to repeat it and he actually thinks about it, he can't get the motor movements to do it again. So skip forward a few hours and we are in Little Man's room with all of the kids doing our sleep wind-down routine and he handed me this little toy that Little Man got that the dentist where you push it down and it suction cups to the table and then it releases the suction and jumps up. So I pushed it down and Peanut says "Pop!" Oh it was so hard not to jump up and down. He asked me to do it again so I pushed it down and wouldn't let go until he said "pop" which usually would result in him either saying Pah or just walking away from me but he said "pop!". This continued for 5 or 6 times in a row, continually saying it properly and ending with the jaw closed P sound!!!

Ok, now I know that most of your are thinking, wow it doesn't take much to make this lady happy but I am filled with so many emotions. Relief that we are seeing this type of progress in Peanut. Pride that he is overcoming some of his challenges so readily. Pure joy in this Mama Bear at the simple sound of the word POP!

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