Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Skinny Babies Can Do!

Baby yoga, gymnastics, leg grabby rolls feats of flexibility!!!

Or maybe I should say, what skinnier babies than Little Man and Peanut were can do anyway.

This morning while sitting in her bouncy seat Sweet Pea saw her foot, stuck it in the air, grabbed it and held on. Papa Bear and I were amazed and astounded. This is not anything we have seen before. I thought it was so great that later on I put her on the floor and lifted up her feet and wiggled them to get her attention and low and behold, she grabbed onto those toes and straightened those legs. Then Sweet Pea rolled to her side, grabbed onto one little foot and did a perfect rendition of a sideways arabesque (or some really awesome ballet pose) while laying on the floor.

Now don't get me wrong, we know that she isn't skinny at her whopping 20 pounds but her weight is in her thighs and adorable little bottom not her tummy like the boys. So her legs have room to go high enough for her to reach and thus we are transfixed by her adorable baby yoga/ballet, gymnastics, leg grabby rolls feats of flexibility!!

Pictures to come!

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