Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Egotism for the Second Child

Mrs. H, a wonderful teacher a the boy's preschool, loves 2 year olds. Each year she gives a talk about 2 year olds and what they are doing and what you can expect and not expect from them. One of things that struck me most is how egocentric they are supposed to be at 2. The world revolves around them and they can not comprehend activity or life outside of their little bubble. It described Little Man at the time and Peanut as well. Well all except for Peanut's tendency to be LittleMan-centric. His world revolves almost as much around himself as it does around Little Man. This is probably most obvious when Peanut pretends to read words. Any word he sees, especially those in big bold letters, he runs his finger underneath the word and proclaims "JaJa" (his name for Little Man). Even if the word he is trying to read is his own name, he still proclaims and even emphatically insists that it is his brother's name. I love that almost as often as he proclaims something is his, folding his chuby arms close to his chest and saying "mine" he is also proclaiming that any written word is for his brother. A little Little Man -centicity can't hurt long as it doesn't go straight to Little Man's head!

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