Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potty Training Peanut

We have taken the plunge and there is just no going back at this point. We started potty training Peanut 2 days ago and when we set out we had decided that if he just wasn't taking to it or if he didn't have the language skills to be able to cue us that he had to go potty we would just call it an experiment and try again in a month or so. I was most concerned that he wouldn't be able to verbally communicate well enough to navigate the process successfully. However, Peanut is full of surprises and we have passed the point of no return!

The first day he had 2 accidents right in a row as he figured out that he didn't have a diaper on and that there was a new way to go pee. After those initial two accidents, he didn't have any more the rest of the day and he was 100% accident free the next day. He successfully pooped in the potty every day and hasn't had a single accident of that kind yet at all. He is waking up with dry pull-ups after nap and initiating having to go without being asked or told. Today is day 3 which is always the hardest day in the process as the newness has worn off and having to take time away from playing to use the potty becomes grating so we had 2 accidents but to be fair he was running to the potty for the second one and was slowed down by his fireman rain boots that he was sporting while in the nude. So I think it is safe to say that Peanut is potty trained but only while having naked booty time. If we put his underwear on he still gets to the potty but he leaves his underwear on instead of pulling them down. So tomorrow is going to be a lesson in taking our pants on and off. The problem is his chunky chunky bum that fills out his little underwear and makes it harder for him to pull them down on their own. But he will get it and I foresee us being able to leave the house by the end of the weekend.

The best part of all of this is that it seems that with this potty training has come a new level of verbal communication. He is talking more and putting more words together to try and tell us what he wants or needs.

He is just such a rockstar. Potty training at just over 2 years old and working so hard to be able to get all of his words. He just such a happy boy. Even when he is telling us that he isn't going to use the potty, he sing songs his "no" and dances away. We are all so proud of him. Little Man is his biggest support, cheering him on every time and even telling him how proud he is. They do hugs and high fives while flushing together. Brotherly love is the best, even while on the potty.

(oh, and yay for only having one child in diapers!)

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  1. I want to see the naked boy with only fireman boots on!! Please post photo