Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lawyer In The Making

Today I told Little Man that he could earn 2 videos if he stayed in his room for all of quiet time or 1 video if he took a nap.(videos = youtube videos on Papa Bear's ipod touch usually of the Berenstein Bears) I know this seems counterintuitive but it is a lot easier to get him to bed at night if he doesn't nap but I really need a bit of time to myself in the afternoon when the younger ones are napping. Yesterday he had quiet time for about 45 minutes before he yelled from his room "I'm taking a nap" and then went to bed. Today I was hoping the incentive of the 2 videos would keep him up and playing quietly but when I went to check on him about an hour in and he was sound asleep.

Later we were telling Papa Bear about our day and he proudly announced that he had earned 2 videos. Then he said that actually he had earned 2 videos and 1 video because he had played quietly in his room AND took a nap. So really he should get 3 videos. And the worst part is that I honestly can't argue with that logic. I just wish my 4 year old wasn't more clever than his mama!

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