Friday, June 24, 2011

Speech Therapy Session

Peanut has the most wonderful speech therapist and she has been using prompt therapy to help him. We video taped todays session so that she could share it with her boss at her speech clinic and get some help/advice on what to focus on with him next. Last night Peanut said "Backhoe" and "Ladder Truck" when reading his truck book with Papa Bear which was music to our ears. My favorite thing that he says now is "love you" and when he tells us his version of a knock knock joke. He is an amazing little boy and we are so very proud of his progress. I thought I would share his video here in case people are interested in what prompt therapy looks like for Peanut. Disclaimer: this is a 12 minute video and only shows 12 minutes of his 1 hour session. There is a lot to it and sometimes he is cooperative and happy about it and other times he just has had enough.

This is a link to his speech therapy video. Enjoy!

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